The Importance of Website Navigation in Atlanta Web Design

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There are many aspects that dictate how well a business can expect to do based on the creativity and the quality of their Atlanta web design.  One of the most important of these aspects is the ease with which an individual can navigate within the website.  Website navigation is the term coined to refer to any of the ways in which the pages of a website are linked together and the user-friendliness of the site for the user.  If the website navigation has been designed poorly, it can hinder the user’s ability and will not allow him or her to flow from page to page with ease.  If a user cannot flow easily from page to page, chances are that he or she will try another website, so it is imperative to one’s business that he or she builds the most navigational-friendly site possible.

The menu is the term used to refer to the main navigation of a site.  This menu is normally placed along the top or down the side of a website and will be found on each page.  Atlanta web design knows that this is a key piece of functionality and must standout in relation to the other information on each page.  A great Atlanta web design firm will know precisely how to design the page so that the user experience is easy and flowing.  There will usually be a footer menu placed along the bottom of a page that includes information that is not as important as what is contained in the main menu.

The main and footer menus are the basis of navigation; however, there are other methods that are used in web design that are equally as important.  For instance, utilizing text links within the content of the page is relevant when it leads to another relevant page, an outside resource, or a contact form.  Text links are beneficial when used sparingly, so as not to place the user in a hindered position.

Images are a great resource to implement in order to highlight certain specific areas of the site that the company wishes their visitors to find useful.  Images can be used to promote offers, discounts, or even upcoming events.  The use of contrasting colors to make the image stand out is a great feature of a good Atlanta web design.

The proper utilization of text content within the site can factor into the success of the navigational aspect of the design of the page.  The company can use sentences from their latest blog entries and include a clickable “read more” option below.  What one wants to do with these text snippets is to get the user to click through and read the information that is available on their site.  The longer a visitor spends on one’s site, the greater the chance that they will make a purchase or a request for services.

In Atlanta web design, the functionality of the navigational aspects of the website is crucial, as it relates to the free flow of the user experience.  The best website will be one that includes prominent and clear navigational instructions.

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