About Ourselves

Stone Soup Tech is a company offering a diverse suite of complementary technology, management and marketing services. We’ve held true to the same vision since our inception in 2001: to offer fully integrated solutions to the most demanding clients in the world.

We have done it all

From the simplest web templates and mobile apps to bespoke software and custom artificial intelligence systems, we have done it all, and we know exactly how to handle every issue that might arise when developing a solution for our clients. We develop insightful strategies based on consumer behavior and project their needs into a complete digital and creative format. We then convert them into natural and engaging end user experiences, providing the best possible solutions for our clients.

We are small enough to keep innovating ourselves.

We are smart enough to solve big problems.

Our team

Our team is a perfect blend of creative thinkers and tech-savvy engineers from around the world who share a passion for creating and implementing progressive ideas, and translating them into engaging, intelligent and innovative user experiences. Our size ensures an agile and cost-effective solution for our clients, while our expertise and talent guarantees a qualified solution for every problem, no matter the size or scope.

A culture of thinkers & makers

Our staff is comprised of creative thinkers and technology experts – designers, writers, graphic artists, product developers, strategists, developers, architects, AI experts, and a dedicated, intelligent and experienced QA team – which add up to a versatile team. We boast a highly collaborative process with our clients and partners, resulting in outstanding work for virtually every provided solution.

Stone Soup Technology