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SEO Mistakes – A Lesson Learned from the JCPenney Fiasco

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As recent as just a few years ago, creating a web presence simply meant creating a site, creating content, and publishing the site online.  Period. Individuals did not take into account how traffic would flow to their site or how it was supposed to get into the top results in page rankings by the top search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, and more recently, Bing.  Then in 2006, the words “search engine optimization” began to appear.  Since that time, SEO has become one of the leading strategies to drive traffic to one’s site for many companies across a wide range of industries. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m Gonna Update My Blog, Like, At Least Four Times A Day

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Having a blog as part of your website is only as valuable as you make it.  If you don’t already, please recognize that the blog is your website’s momentum builder.  You have the necessary static web pages that give the basic information about your business; these pages have, hopefully, been optimized for search engines, but then that’s it… they’re done.  On the other hand, pages that are updated on a regular basis (such as blog pages) are re-analyzed by search engines and newer content ranks higher in search engine results.  Therefore, the more you update your blog, the higher your site will appear in search results.  But wait… there’s more here than meets the eye! Read the rest of this entry »

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