Why you need professional medical website design

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The fact that you are reading this testifies to your ability to search for and gather information online. You can therefore appreciate that in today’s world of computers and the internet, the action of looking up a person or company online is commonplace, and the medical profession is no exception. So if you are a medical professional that does not have a medical website or family practice website, you can assume that you’re losing customers. And in this struggling economy every opportunity to gain a new patient is paramount. If that weren’t incentive enough to convince you to enlist the expertise of Stone Soup to start or revamp your medical or family practice website, then read on!

Whether they’re searching for a dermatologist, general practitioner, oncologist, or any other medical professional, most people will perform a quick search online to find the nearest – and best – practice in the vicinity (“best” typically determined by website comparison). “Well I’m in the phone book,” you may say. Phone book? Do those still exist? Even so, does a listing in the phone book reach out to the prevalent “online only” crowd? Does it provide a detailed “About” page, or pictures of your professional medical office? What about directions to your practice, and testimonials from satisfied patients? The fact is even if you have a fancy full-page color ad, it does not compare to – and may have cost more than – a beautifully designed, professional medical website that makes visitors want to become patients just from having viewed it! Still not sure? Please continue to the final reason why you can’t afford to not have a professional medical website customized by Stone Soup.

Having a professional website of your medical practice can prove even more profitable if local competitors do not have a site since online shoppers are finding you (not them). Furthermore, phone book or word-of-mouth potential clients are likely to jump online to find your website for more information. It is extremely likely that if choosing between you and an un-sited (or unimpressive sited) competitor, they will choose you because they:

  • were able to learn about your practice and the professional employees
  • saw pictures of the facilities and staff
  • can feel more comfortable about their visit since many of their questions were answered immediately online via a FAQ page or forum or email inquiry
  • were able to easily download their new patient forms and filled them out in the comfort of their own home

And all thanks to your fabulous website! So now is the time to illustrate via a professional medical website that you have a modern flair in the field of modern medicine. Begin attracting new customers and increasing your profit by allowing Stone Soup to give your medical or family practice a home on the internet – you can’t afford not to!

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