How much should you pay for a custom medical spa website?

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Question: how much do you want to pay, or think you should pay for a completely custom, professionally designed medspa website from Stone Soup? Write down or make a mental note of your answer because it might change when this question is asked again later.

Consider this hypothetical situation: Stone Soup just provided you with a new, impressive, professionally designed medical spa website that has been receiving online visitors for the past month. When asked how your new clients found you, 15% (a conservative number) said online. At an average of $100 a visit (if your average visit is higher or lower, by all means adjust accordingly), consider how many of these “I found you online!” clients you would need to attract to pay for your website.

This is an important consideration because it is your return on investment (ROI). In other words, the number of new patients who found your practice online and made the decision to pay for your services based on your professionally designed website. Such clients would not be walking through your front door unless you had hired Stone Soup. Take this a step further and you can contemplate how many additional clients you will receive based on the positive recommendations of your new patients who found you online.

Another factor to consider is time. Depending on the purchase price of your professional website in conjunction with the ROI, your investment could have paid for itself and be turning a profit in the matter of a couple of months. However, even if you knew it would take over a year to be in the green, think about how priceless your site is to the happy clientele who would not have found you otherwise.

Here’s that question again. How much do you want to pay, or think you should pay for a professionally designed medspa website from Stone Soup? Regardless of the exact number, one can assume that it is enough to pay for a professional medical spa website!

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