Top 3 Apps for College Freshmen

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So who remembers when they started college and tried to manage all the college social life and their studies? I know I do! It was hard trying to keep a good balance on everything while not falling behind on my school work. Now there are some great apps that I think really help college freshmen manage their studies and not fall behind. Here are my top three apps for college freshmen:

1. Study Buddy – This user- friendly iPhone app helps manage your study time and your efficiency with your study time. You set the amount of time you want to study and off to studying you go! You can even take a study break! It logs the amount of time you were not studying. At the end of your study session a graph is created to show your efficiency. The only downfall is if you exit the app, it sends you to a study break. The app does the same thing if you answer the phone.

 studybuddy2 studybuddy1

2.       Trello – I use this on a daily basis and love it! Trello makes group projects easy! This iPhone app allows you to create a project, assign tasks, attach files, set due dates, and manage several projects all at the same time. The best part about this app is it allows you to add people to the project and communicate with them easily. The iPhone app and web app counterpart both have terrific user experiences..



3.       School Scheduler – An easy to use Android app that allows students to have their school schedule in the palm of their hand. This app comes highly recommended by Droid Nerds and Android Tapp. It’s easy to use and allows you to add tasks, courses, professors, rooms, and even the contact information for your professor (You WILL need that. Trust me!). School Scheduler is user-friendly and everything can be synced to your Google Calendar.


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