Web Design

Web design is a lot more than just putting a pretty face on a web site. Sorry, guys! Web design makes use of various sets of skills. Web design is intentional and it has purpose. In other words, it’s beauty WITH brains!

When you come to us for your web design, we will develop a well thought-out, expertly implemented plan to fully accomplish your goals.

Corporate Website Design

The Internet is a dynamic, fast-paced environment that today’s businesses have to succeed in. Businesses need to position themselves online in such a way that the competition cannot touch them. Let’s face it, you can’t afford to let competitors get ahead of you, especially when it comes to marketing to the rapidly growing segment of the population that uses the internet on a daily basis. This is where Stone Soup comes into play. Even if you don’t understand the world of the Internet, we do!

Professionally designed Corporate Websites are a great way of getting ahead on the Internet. At Stone Soup, Corporate Website Design is our most popular web design service. Corporate brochure websites are extremely powerful for presenting your company to the public. We create graphics customized to your business and brand, or we can develop a brand new identity for you. We usually recommend that you have a Content Management System attached to your website. This lets you easily manage your content in-house instead of paying us on a regular basis to do it.

Professional Corporate Website Design is the perfect choice for law firms, attorneys, restaurants, small businesses, non-profit organizations, insurance companies, hair salons, home builders, CPAs, and any other professional group that needs professional web design without a need for more advanced features.

E-commerce Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions and Shopping Cart Websites are a Stone Soup specialty! We’ve developed, improved, and optimized over 100 e-commerce websites. We are flexible. Projects range in size from simple 1-page, secure, order forms to complex, multi-language international e-commerce stores. We offer ecommerce solutions as we are an authorized partner of Authorize.net, the most popular payment gateway for e-commerce websites.

And we’re confident, ok maybe even a little cocky, about the fact that we will deliver what you want!

The ecommerce solution you need will depend on a variety of factors:

  • The type of products or services you offer
  • The number of items you offer
  • Volume of your sales
  • Any integration with accounting or shipping software
  • Any backend management
  • Any customization of design and of order flow
  • Your payment gateway
  • And many other things that we can discuss with you

At Stone Soup our ecommerce developers strive to match your needs with the best possible solution.

When an $8,000 third party solution will be just as efficient as a $30,000 shopping cart, we will tell you. We are experienced in working with all major PHP and ASP.NET shopping cart systems.

Sometimes a custom shopping cart is the only way to go. Perhaps you need precise control over the ecommerce design and features, or maybe you have existing web applications that need to be tied together for the e-commerce piece. Whatever the need, we can put it all together.

If you are shopping around for the best price, beware. When a company offers to do the work for much less, there will always be a reason why. Trust us, that reason is not good. Sadly, our industry is filled with unscrupulous firms that bid extremely low only to make huge profits on extras charged along the way.

We have found that this is the primary way that companies outbid us. Another way is that they misunderstand or underestimate the scope of the work. This problem usually shows itself very early on in the discovery and planning phase. When a firm messes up so early on, you can expect your project to drag on forever and never reach a conclusion. Furthermore, if it ever does launch you can expect bugs along with the added time and cost of fixing those bugs.

Stone Soup has successfully completed hundreds of projects and therefore has the skill and experience to quickly understand the overall picture of every e-commerce solution that is presented to us. We have experienced e-commerce developers on our team (this is VERY important) who know security standards inside out. We also stay up to date on user habits and software integration. Prices range from around $10,000 to a small fortune.

Medical Website Design

Medical website design is similar to our corporate web design, but it takes an even more user-centric approach. Through our experience in user-habit research, we place a focus on understanding what a visitor is expecting to find on your website. If you have a family practice, most likely visitors are coming to your site to make an appointment, find directions, or to research their ailments. If you have a dentist office, most likely users are coming to your website to find out how to change an appointment or to find your address. If you have a med spa, visitors to your website are most often wanting to know about your procedures, if you are a reputable firm, or to purchase your medical spa products.

At Stone Soup we strive to understand you, but also to understand your patients’ needs. We don’t pretend to know everything (though we sure do know a good bit!), but we’re determined to build a website that will best serve your practice by best serving your patients.

Where do you start? Fill out ourQuick Quote Request Form. We will then work with you to create a website that will help educate your patients and make your practice more efficient and more profitable. The end result will be a top-notch website that stands out in a highly competitive field.

  • Med Spa Web Design
  • Physician Web Design
  • Dental Web Design
  • Doctor Web Design
  • Medical Web Design
  • Healthcare Web Design
  • Surgeon Web Design
  • Payment System Integration
  • Appointment System Integration
  • Patient Education Videos

Mobile Web Development

So, the globe might not be spinning faster on its axis, but life on earth is definitely moving a lot faster these days. Don’t you agree? In the fast-paced world that we live in, people want and need information on the go. Sitting down at a desktop computer to look up information and to browse the Internet is already an out of date concept; it’s so 2008! Today’s businessperson, and the young and trendy, are increasingly using mobile technology to access the information they want. Business owner, don’t sit around holding tightly onto what’s comfortable.

Once again, it’s time to strap on your booster pack and to soar to the latest advancements in Internet technology. Setting up your mobile web site helps put you back in the competition when it comes to meeting the needs of your web-based clients. Making use of mobile technology also positions you to compete with your business competition in a realistic way. Our great Mobile Web Development team at Stone Soup can replicate your current website, or create a completely new one to run properly on mobile devices.

Call us and let’s talk over your mobile web design ideas. Let us know your needs and what you aim to do, and we will provide a mobile web design solution! And even more importantly, we can work with you to determine what information is most important to be included on your mobile website. We offer mobile web design services for iPhones, cell phones, and PDAs, as well as the increasingly popular netbooks.

Responsive Website Development

Not so long ago, websites had to look good on only a couple of browsers and a handful of screen sizes. But not anymore. Nowadays, a website has to look good and deliver on a multitude of devices, with a huge range of screen sizes. It’s a safe bet that at least half of your customers use a mobile device to access your website, and that number is rapidly growing.

What does this mean for you? It means you need a site that responds to any size screen, one that adapts itself to maximize the user experience.

One site, one cost, all devices.

Stone Soup’s Atlanta Responsive Website developers draw from a deep well of knowledge to structure your web presence to perform smoothly on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, as well as on desktops.

Our responsive web developers promoted and produced responsive web designs when the trend was in its infancy. This level of understanding and skill allows them to quickly comprehend your goals and opportunities with such a design, and to equip you with a strong website that will be useful to you and your customers for years.

Wherever you want to go with your website, our Atlanta Responsive Website developers can take you there, and then a bit further.

With the cutting-edge technology, timeless design, and breadth of experience our developers offer, your customers will find it easy and enjoyable to access your website from any device.

It’s time to take that step.

Give us a call and let’s get started!

Custom Blogs

Some of the most fun projects we get our hands on are custom blogs. They’re a blast and our blog designers love the challenge of creating each and every one so that it’s unique and reflects you and what you’re looking for.Corporate blogs have also increased in popularity. You’re proud of your business. So why not have us create a custom blog design for you so you can blog about it?

In a Web 2.0 world, everyone has to have a blog! So, we’re here to give you just that.

Whether you want a custom blog to seamlessly integrate with your current website, or if you need a standalone blog that lets you communicate with the world, we can help you. Blogs are fun!

WordPress is the most popular blogging engine. Although an absolutely great blogging tool, it’s not the easiest blog to skin. We have been creating WordPress themes and customized modules for WordPress for 4+ years. In ‘web years’, that’s a lifetime!

So whether you are starting a new custom blog for your business, want to redesign an old one, or want to add new functionality to your existing business blog, don’t stress yourself out. Call us and let the experts at Stone Soup take care of you!

Turnkey Website Solutions

Every morning you wake up, read the paper, eat a warm breakfast, walk your cute little pooch, stop by the gym, and then head into the office. If that’s you, then you’re reading the wrong page! Turnkey Website Solutions are for the ultra busy people. If you’re like many of our clients, you barely have time to grab a cup of coffee during your day.

You’ll never have time to put together an entire website any time in the near future. You could put one of your employees on it, but you’re already short-staffed and besides, they have their business-centric tasks to complete. If this sounds like you, then Stone Soup Turnkey Website Solutions are definitely for you.

What is a turnkey website solution from Stone Soup? It’s the complete package. We handle every little detail of your website and bother you as little as possible during the process! Look at our sample packages to see if any of these would fit your needs. If not, let us know and we’ll come up with a solution that does.

Web Applications

Stone Soup has developed new methodologies for web application design. We have a team of experienced web application developers who love to code. That’s something that’s sometimes overlooked when choosing a web application development company. But we feel it’s extremely important that our application developers love what they do.

We utilize the best ASP.NET programmers, PHP programmers, and Java Programmers to build state of the art, reliable, and easily expandable custom web applications.

Two factors contribute the most to a successful web application: 1) a thorough understanding of what needs to be done, and 2) the right web application developers for the task.

You want a successful custom web application and we hope you’ve chosen us to build it for you.

But, we can’t build you a great custom web app without clear specifications — and neither can anyone else, so don’t let them fool you. We’re just honest enough to tell you this up front. Don’t hold back on this stage of development. It is worth paying a professional to put together a good specifications document for you (preferably including Wireframes of the flow) because it will save you money in the long-run. We can recommend a third party or you can hire Stone Soup to create your specifications document as the first phase of your project. You need a clear plan of what you want to accomplish technically in order for your project to be a success. And quite frankly, we only want to be associated with projects that are big successes! (Call us snobs if you want!)

The second factor to a successful web application development project is working with the right team of web application developers.

Our ASP.NET developers are highly trained in Microsoft ASP.NET and regularly attend Microsoft developer events. Some of our folks even help train Microsoft’s own employees! Now before our PHP developers start feeling left out, we should take a minute to brag about how good they are at web application development. Some of our most successful projects have been developed by our PHP development team. Our PHP developers tend to have an “I can do anything” attitude. But that’s not a negative thing because when they set out to solve a problem, guess what?! They always find a solution.

Frankly, we are as picky about the projects we accept as our clients are about which company to work with. A right match is needed for technical projects of any scale. There is a chance we might refuse your project. Don’t be offended. If this does happen, we will do our best to refer you to a company we feel will best suit your needs.

.NET Programming

.NET is a Microsoft programming framework that allows for faster development of custom web applications. Our lead ASP.net programmer has come up with a list of four major advantages to ASP.net programming as compared to PHP and Java.

  1. Faster development and more functionality.
  2. When we ask a client when they want to deploy their custom web application, the most common answer is “YESTERDAY!”. This is usually followed by a few laughs and then a sigh. We realize you weren’t really joking. Because of the advanced programming tools that ASP.net offers, we can get you what you need quickly. Maybe not as soon as yesterday, of course, but within a timeframe that you will be pleased with.
  3. Faster web applications
  4. With ASP.net’s new technology in compiling code and caching, you will not be disappointed at the increased speed your website or custom ASP.net application has.
  5. Protection from crashing
  6. You never want your website to be down when a visitor goes to access your site. With ASP.net’s memory leak and crash protection, it automatically recovers from these to make sure your ASP.net web application is never down.
  7. Multiple language support
  8. Because most programmers usually specialize in a certain language when writing code, a big advantage to using ASP.net is the fact that it allows code to be written in more than 25 .Net languages. There are many thousands of ASP.net developers. So if for some reason Stone Soup ceases to exist in 10 years (i.e., meteor wipes out the state of Georgia), don’t mourn too long. You can take your Stone Soup developed custom ASP.net web application to another ASP.net programmer to continue making improvements.

We are still a little unsure why our lead ASP.net programmer included the meteor part in #4, but hopefully his point still came across. (Besides, he’s a big guy so we’re a little scared to question him!)

Our ASP.net developers stay up-to-date on all of the latest releases of Windows technologies and therefore they have the skill, knowledge and experience to build whatever you need on a .Net platform.

Stone Soup can convert your classic ASP applications to ASP.NET, we can build one from scratch, or we can develop any non web-based .NET application. (Check out ourSoftware Development Servicesif interested!)

PHP Programming

PHP technology continues to grow and develop rapidly. Its popularity is increasing, especially as an alternative to ASP.net programming. PHP is fast becoming the script of choice for quickly developing robust custom web applications. Our PHP developers have used PHP to create (from scratch) full ecommerce solutions with custom PHP shopping carts, print on demand applications, custom applications for the travel industry, chat clients, and more.

Whether you have an existing PHP application that you want us to modify/extend or whether you want us to build a brand new PHP web application from scratch, custom PHP web applications are a Stone Soup specialty. Our PHP programmers are eager to get started on a new and exciting project.

(Note: We are picky about which PHP projects we accept. Frankly, our high level PHP programmers get bored easily so don’t be offended if we come across as interviewing you as much as you are interviewing us. We’ll gladly refer less than exciting projects to other competent PHP development teams.)

Content Management Systems

Your website can truly say everything and anything you want it to say about you and your business. But what if what you had to say yesterday is not what you want to say today? Changing the text on your web site shouldn’t need a Change Request Document, a dozen phone calls, and a major headache! There are easier ways of doing things. And that’s what we are about at Stone Soup!

When it comes to managing a web site, a Content Management System (CMS) is a ‘must have’ item. A CMS gives you a huge amount of control over what appears on your website, especially text and images. How does it work?

In a nutshell, you are given a unique username and password to login to your CMS from any web browser. Just as easy as browsing the web, you can change text, add text, or remove any text that you no longer want to appear on your website. The changes are instant and can be seen by the next person that visits your website.

Stone Soup can integrate most third party CMS solutions such as Joomla, Drupal, etc. into an already existing website or a professional web design we create from scratch, or we can create a custom CMS solution to meet your exact specifications.

A custom CMS is perfect if you have very detailed and specific things that you want to control and change on your website on a regular basis. The ROI is very high. Ultimately a good CMS solution saves you time, money and headaches! The price you will pay for your CMS will be offset by not having to pay fees every time you want to make a small change.

At Stone Soup we have built over 50 custom PHP CMS solutions and over 20 ASP.net CMS solutions. We’ve integrated over 100 websites with Joomla. We’ve even built our own branded CMS solutions that we sell to other web design firms – the Stone Soup PHP CMS and the Stone Soup ASP.net CMS.

Database Web Applications

What can we say but tell you that a database web application is the only way to go if you are working with even a small amount of data? Chances are you’re not a techie. And even if you are, as a business owner or manager, there’s never enough time to take care of developing your custom web applications.

When you have large amounts of information and data, you have to retrieve data, edit it or delete it on a regular basis. All of the best data in the world has no value if you have no reasonable way of working with it.

You need a manageable way to work with the records in your databases so that even your secretary can retrieve information if she needed to.

When you sit down for a chat with a Stone Soup representative, we have the knowledge and experience to ask you the right questions to build you a database web application that meets your needs. Your answers will help us advise you on the best strategies for your database-driven application development.

Depending on your needs, we may suggest that your application be built in phases. Phased application development lets you have a very basic version of your application up and running very quickly. We would then add the more advanced features of your application in periodic phases.

Stone Soup has a young, competent, and rather fun team of skilled application developers and database designers. We can plan, program, and test your database web applications. We complete tasks on time and we never fail in the area of quality.

Custom Magento Web Development

Magento is the solution for your e-commerce business, and Stone Soup’s Atlanta Magento website development team is here to help you move forward. Magento is open-source software that offers a cost-saving direction for your e-commerce site.

Our experienced Atlanta Magento website developers will design an e-commerce site for you using the feature-rich, open-source software that includes SEO, couponing and promotions, customer accounts management, order management, product configuration, international commerce and multiple languages, analytics and reporting, multiple stores, and a host of other useful features. We will sit down with you and map out your e-commerce business, including current and anticipated needs.

Our Atlanta Magento website developers have a step-by-step process that encompasses design, programming, and marketing with testing and adaptations performed along the way. This ensures a robust and pure website, making the customer’s experience easy and enjoyable.

You’re ready to step into the world of e-commerce, or perhaps you’re already there but looking for a comprehensive solution to your web presence—give us a call today and we’ll put all of our creative and technical expertise to work for you, producing an intelligent and beautiful e-commerce site for your use and your customers’ pleasure.

We specialize in:

  • Magento Customization Development
  • Magento theme design and integration
  • Magento eCommerce store development
  • Shipping and payment gateway integration
  • Existing site migration to Magento
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Magento API integration services
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