Paul Safi

Co-Founder, ReAble

SST is a great partner. After working with our own CTO and development team proved inefficient, ReAble partnered up with SST for most of our development needs. They are very easy to work with and do a good job of articulating the tech in simple terms. They can help train whatever in-house people you have for longer term maintenance of anything they work on for you. I have a very high regard for their work. Working with them effectively requires two critical things, first, valuing their time, and second, open communication and participation in the project.

In terms of technical knowledge they have a range of specialties that they are equipped to work with and they will not sell what they do not have. I do not have a technical background, but extensive vetting by a trusted network (Techstars) showed SST to be a highly prudent choice for ReAble. We now rely on them to test our new hires before signing them on.

The speed and quality of work they performed for us beat our in-house team, even in terms of overall cost. We intend to continue working with them for OCR and other ML tech we have in our roadmap.

Bruce Reid M.D.

Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Center - Griffin, Georgia

“Our web site was clearly dated, having been created 8 years ago. Our desire was to create a contemporary user friendly web site to promote our business and encourage patient use for their education. Stone Soup was a local company with international experience and had the staff and the background to create the look we were after. Stone Soup took the time to listen to our ideas and incorporate them into a truly professional presentation. They easily adapted changes we suggested and were always available and a joy to work with. Our experience was so limited with internet technology but Stone Soup and their staff made the whole experience painless and gave us the confidence to venture further into the possibilities to market our business and expand our online offerings. I’ve already made several recommendations to associates to call Stone Soup for their web site development, and can offer no higher praise for their work for me. I will definitely use Stone Soup for all my internet business.”

David A. Van, M.D.

La Maison Derm Esthetics

“I am extremely pleased with the work Stone Soup performed in the redesign of my Derm Esthetic website. First and foremost, Bradley and Valerie listened to my suggestions in building the site, while contributing their own suggestions and creative ideas. Not only are they very talented, they also pay attention to detail. As my time is important, there was ease of communication with their design team as well.

My original website was created over 8 years ago by another design team and it was time for a face lift. Stone Soup designed a clean, more compelling, modern, and easily navigable site while working within my budget.

I enthusiastically recommend this talented, innovative group for anyone working to build a website. In fact, they are redesigning my medical practice website as well.”

John Newman, BLA

President Classic Landscapes, Inc.

“We met with Bradley Kirkland shortly after beginning our company in 2005 and expressed our need for a website giving him a taste for what we were after. Being in the very visual field of landscaping we felt like we needed a top notch web presence to give our prospects and clients a feel for who we are and the level of service they could expect from us. We have been very pleased with what he and the Stone Soup team came up with. We are planning on retaining Stone Soup to help with upgrading our website since it has been over 2.5 years since we have changed it (other than adding some pictures of new projects). We still to this day get comments like “better than awesome” and “who did your website” and etc. We are very confident that our relationship with Stone Soup and the work they did for us on our website has generated business for us that might not have been if we went with a “freelancer” or other non-professional avenue to build our site. In today’s marketplace you must have a professional website if you are to appear professional to a certain level of clientele. We couldn’t be happier with the results and highly recommend them.”

Tracey Robinson

Connections With Heart (SM) - Founder

“When I engaged Stone Soup in the summer of 2008 to bring my vision for Connections With Heart(SM) to life, none of us realized what a huge undertaking this website would be! It was unique, patent-pending functionality and required intense discussion, endless revision and out-of-the box thinking along the way, to finally bring to market, a product that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as being exceptionally user friendly! I can’t stress enough how patient Bradley, Valerie and their design staff were as we faced and met countless challenges during the 1 Year+ it took to develop this site. They were always willing to go the extra mile for me and this project. Beyond their obvious business and technical abilities, they are simply good people and to say I owe them a debt of gratitude is an understatement.”

E. Camp Neel

CEO Supreme Care Inc./OptimaSolutions

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stone Soup for a couple of years now. In my opinion, they set a gold standard for the services they provide. Along with designing cutting edge web sites, their service is exceptional. They will learn you business, offer ideas, meet target dates, and complete projects at reasonable costs.

Being in the software business myself, it is important to portray a certain image to the customer. Stone Soup designed and maintains two information web sites for my company. These sites are responsible for generating new business for SupremeCare and OptimaSolutions on a regular basis.

First impressions are everything. That is why I feel it is important to have a state of the art web site to draw in potential customers. Stone Soup exceeded my expectation in this area. I would recommend them to anyone looking to develop and/or improve their existing web site.”

J.M. Averett

Director Meadowlark Gardens

“As the Director of Meadowlark Gardens, I wear a lot of hats, and each day is a series of detours on the way to the preservation and improvement of this glorious place. I hired Stone Soup Technology to makeover our website because it was clear to me from my initial interview with Bradley and Valerie that these people had the patience and sensitivity I was looking for. Despite their having to wait on me constantly as I missed deadline after deadline, they remained supportive and eager to respond when I finally did my part. They are excellent listeners and are able to pull the subtle details from each conversation and craft them into sharp, professional quality web designs that, for Meadowlark Gardens, really caught the essence of our mission. Our Stone Soup website has, by far, been our best publicity investment yet.”

Michael Sebastian

President Under the Stars, Inc.

I want to thank you and Bradley for the great work on our two websites; not to mention the patience you showed while we worked to get just the look we were going for. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product and with the responses we are getting from consumers.

In that our service is providing a creative / artistic product, it was important that our website matched the look and feel we try to provide to the consumer with our “night sky” ceilings. Your willingness to hang in there until we got just the right look speaks volumes about your commitment to customer service. Additionally, I can’t think of two more pleasant people to work with than you and Bradley.

Please feel free to provide my contact information to potential customers that might want to discuss the experience we had working with your firm.

Trish Parnell


“OMG, Stone Soup rocked our world!! We came to them with a design and a dream and they made it way bigger and better than we thought possible. They knew what we wanted before we did, they made it happen with no headaches for us, and best of all, they worked with us and made it seem like it was all our doing. We love Stone Soup and will never ever leave them. Woohoo!!”

Director of Education


“Stone Soup did a great job on our website, They exceeded our design expectations and were friendly to work with every step of the way. They took the time to understand and clarify what we wanted while maintaining a “client is always right” attitude! We ended up with a website that is both polished and easy to maintain. Because we had such a great experience, we continue to return to Stone Soup for our website needs.”

Larry Grayson

President RetireworX

“The people at Stone Soup Technology define what it means to be dedicated to customer service. They are reasonable, responsive, flexible, and committed to provide a top quality product. The application they developed for us is rock-solid and chock-full of those thoughtful little extras that make all the difference for us and our clients. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Stone Soup