Month: August 2009

Be a Stone Soup Bug Finder


All websites have bugs, quirks, and usually a few typos. We want to hire you to be an official Stone Soup Bug Finder (S.S.B.F.)! You get paid in two ways: 1) Fame – you will be recognized on our blog as an official S.S.B.F., and 2) $100,000 – at our discretion, we will give you $100,000 in cold hard cash or one 100 Grand candy bar (which is a lot more recession-proof than cash!).

Things not to miss…

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Here are some of the things to check out on Stone Soup v.3:

  • Interactive Quote Request Form – most likely you’ve never written a letter this way before! Test it out and see how we earned major cool points for this, while at the same time helping people more easily create a quote request. If you need us to build you a similar one, write your own letter!
  • Payment Form – It’s easier than ever to send us money. Try it out! Use it often. We really enjoy getting cash from you!
  • 100% Money Back offer – it’s our new referral program that can get you some cash quickly! (Click on the banner on one of our site pages to get the details!)
  • Turnkey websites – we handle everything for you so you can work or play or watch TV instead of having to lift a finger

Stone Soup v.3

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Woohoo! After a bunch of all-nighters, a truckload of 5-hour energy shots, and exactly 327 Kit Kat bars, we have launched Stone Soup v.3 (our new website). If you’re reading this blog, you’re already aware of the new design. We have added a lot more content that we hope you will find useful. And we’ve added some features to make for a more positive and enjoyable experience. We’d love your feedback!

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