Neurosurgeon Web Design – qualities all successful neurosurgery websites have

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Whether you’re an up and coming neurosurgeon who is just beginning your career, or a well-established neurosurgery group looking to continue your successful practice, having a good web presence is essential.

It’s tempting to take the easy route with your neurosurgeon web design and have a simple website that contains the minimum of what your patients might need to know.  But there are certain qualities that all successful neurosurgery websites should have that can (and will) separate you from the rest.

  1. A way to cut down on phone calls – We know that you’re busy people.  Of course the surgeon is busy seeing patients, but office workers are busy with everything else.  Being interrupted with phone calls during the day becomes annoying.  The more information you have on your neurosurgeon website, the more your patients won’t have to bug you.
  2. Have your patients “prepared” before they walk through the door – Having a neurosurgery website that contains all the forms your patient needs saves time for both patients and staff.  Why not give the option for those that choose, to fill out forms prior to their appointment.
  3. Provide pertinent information – People coming to see you are obviously coming to you for a reason.  Providing the latest neurosurgery information on your website will give patients the option of staying up-to-date on the latest in neurosurgery, and perhaps their own condition.
  4. Information for other physicians – If most, or all of your patients come to you through referrals, then it would helpful for other doctors to know your referral process.
  5. Ease your patients minds – Surgery…and really anything having to do with going to see a doctor, can be nerve wracking for many people.  For someone anticipating an upcoming surgery, they more than likely are nervous and have tons of questions that no one will have time to answer for them.  Having example videos of surgeries and what a particular surgery entails could help a patient through the anxiety.  Additionally, feeling like you really know your surgeon can make a patient feel more comfortable.  Let your neurosurgery website “do the talking” with your surgeon giving a video testimonial.
  6. Testimonials – Sometimes the best way for a patient to find the right surgeon is through other patients testimonials.  Let others be inspired because nothing speaks louder than personal experience.

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