Beyond SEO: Strategies For Promoting Your Website Offline

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Most marketers and business owners focus the majority of their efforts targeting online audiences because… well… it’s cheap! Yet, you’re also competing with tens of thousands if not millions of other websites for the most competitive keywords. It’s also much harder to sustain the casual visitor’s attention, versus someone who already knows about your website and is deliberately coming to visit. Furthermore, don’t discount the number of people out there who are unfamiliar with online search techniques but can figure out how to type in a web address with some help from the grandkids.

Maximize your online efforts with these complementary offline marketing techniques:

  • Traditional Media: Newspapers, magazines, TV spots and direct mailers are all the usual avenues for promoting a website. These methods could be costly, but their reach is vast.
  • Promo Items: Make a BIG impact by passing out branded pens, stress relievers, cups, mouse pads, t-shirts, hats, USB drives, magnets or other items. People remember this – and as they use the item again and again, your brand is making an impression.
  • Company Vehicles: Wrapping a vehicle is a technique used by companies ranging from The Geek Squad to Subway. For a few grand, whole-vehicle wraps really turn heads, plain and simple! Yet, you can also get by with just a simple sticker if your budget is low.
  • Company Documents: Be sure to mention your new website whenever you dole out mailers, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, or policy statements.
  • Art: You can put up billboards on signs, buses, or buildings if you have a big budget. If your budget is a wee one, you can hire local artists to create chalk street art, memorable murals for your building, or signs for your lawn.

Note that the best marketing efforts combine some or all of these techniques in one well-thought out campaign. If you dare to stand out, people will take note, driving web traffic and sales beyond your wildest imagination.

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