Atlanta Website Design and the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is known, is the process by which a website is given the optimum chance to rank as highly as possible in the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  If a website is designed with certain SEO techniques, it will be much more likely to achieve a higher ranking in a shorter time.  To begin, you must start with the planning and the actual design of the website first.  This can be done by choosing the main descriptions, or keywords, that will let users know what your site is about. 

Over 75% of websites receive their traffic from the major search engines.  This is also known as natural traffic, as the user has typed in certain keywords to use in his or her search which brings them to the page of results.  This is basically free traffic.  By typing in keywords that are associated with your site, the user may land on your page.  This is why SEO is so  important; however, once at your site, the website’s design must be user-friendly enough to keep the user there to convert him or her into a customer.  The better and more relevant the keywords, the better quality of visitors one will obtain.

There are several different strategies that one can implement in his or her SEO campaign.  The best search engine optimization will create a site that is search engine friendly as well as user friendly.  There are steps to take to create the best possible user friendly experience, and they are as follows:

*On page optimization: in the on-page optimization process, web pages are created with the absolute most relevant keywords to the company’s site.  There are several different tags that must be placed on each page within the site to obtain the most relevant hits, or visitors.  By internally linking pages with the use of a menu bar is especially important in the navigational aspects of the site.  The creation of a robots.txt file, along with the use of HTML and XML is also very important.

*Off page optimization: another quality way to obtain visitors is by relevant link building, which is known as off-page optimization, meaning quite simply that you are optimizing your site by using another’s site that is relevant to your own.  This is possible through the use of marketing tools, such as article directories and social media platforms.

When a website is designed by Atlanta website design in such a way that it will support all of the major and minor search engine optimization factors, your chances of moving up in the ranks on the search engines increases manifold.  Visitors will be more comfortable in the navigational aspects of the site, meaning that conversion rates will increase as your ranking increases.

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