5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website

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Many people are of the notion that simply creating  a website and getting it online is the end of their work.  This is simply not the case.  One’s site will not obtain any visitors if it is not listed with the search engines or directories.  There are a variety of services available to an individual or company, but these can cost hundreds of dollars.  Social networking is also a great way to promote one’s site, but that can also cost the individual money if he or she has to hire another person to do all of the tedious legwork.  In other words, the best way to promote one’s site should involve as little work and have the least amount of money involved.  The following is five easy ways to promote one’s website for free.

Google is the most popular of all search engines.  For many people, this is the only search engine they use on a regular basis.  People of all ages use Google to find what they need, and if one’s website is listed with Google, he or she has a much better chance of reaching a wider audience if his or her site is listed in Google.  Doing research will enlighten one as to how to submit his or her site to multiple search engines; just remember, not all search engine listings are free.

Another great free way to publicize one’s site is by adding an email signature at the bottom of his or her emails.  Adding a signature is easy, and instructions can be found easily within one’s email service provider.  The individual’s email signature should include his or her name, all of his or her relevant contact information, and the domain name of his or her site.

Writing a keyword-rich title page is very important to ranking high within the search engines.  In fact, it has been shown that over 70% of people do not search much farther than the first three or four listings on the results page.  Writing a descriptive title for each page on one’s site will help it rank higher, thereby sending more traffic to one’s site if he or she is providing an in-demand product or service.  Using descriptive words on one’s homepage is also a good idea, because the title one creates will be what people see in the search engine rankings.

Creating a descriptive META tag is also a very important step in this process.  This is the description that will be included below the hyperlinked title of one’s page in the search engine results. It is not a good idea to use keywords in this space that do not appear on one’s site, as this could be considered spam, and will not be judged very highly by search engine representatives.

Once one has performed all of these steps, he or she is ready to progress to the final step, which is learning how to optimize his or her site with SEO, or search engine optimization.  This simply requires keyword-rich content to be placed on one’s site.  There are professional SEO writers that specialize in this type of web promotion.  It is a good idea to have hired the SEO expert in the beginning of one’s bid for placement, as an SEO expert can help one with his or her keywords throughout the entire process.  Also, this way the SEO professional will understand what the client’s site is all about well before it is time for him or her to begin writing the page content.

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