The Magic Kingdom of Drones

The word drone has such a scary connotation but what if you add Disney in with it. Disney and drones? The happiest place on earth and a scary word like drone. What could those two things possibly have in common? Disney released a statement recently that they have filed patents to use drones in its parades. The patents list three ways that Disney would like to use the drones.


1. The drones would carry large versions of Disney’s marionettes. The drawing showed the marionettes would be used in the parades similar to large inflatable floats. This would allowed the larger than life characters to appear to be moving with ease and even fly. Being that many Disney characters fly, this would bring the characters to life for children.


2. Fireworks would be replaced with lightup drones. Disney is calling them “fixels”. This is a combination of floating pixels.


3. The drones would fly together and create a massive projection screen. Disney stated in the patent that “the UAVs execute the flight plans to move and to position the flexible projection screens within the display air space.” Disney claims the projection screens would have little wind resistance, be flexible, and reflect light.


Disney has truly stepped up its innovation with the patent for the use of drones. They have explained in their patent that the use of drones will be for entertainment purposes only. The FAA is currently looking into the matter for this use for Disney. If this is approved, Disney will have a whole new look at all of their theme parks with realistic characters and safer firework displays. My next trip to Disney World should be even more magical than before!Disney World

Pregnancy 101: Must-have apps for soon-to-be moms

Seven months ago I was blessed with a wonderful gift, a baby! Being a first-time mom has to be the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. From what was going on with my body to the contractions, I was terrified of what I was about to endure. Thank goodness for a smart phone! My fears seemed to slowly vanish with the use of four apps. These apps help put my mind at ease throughout my nine months of pregnancy and one continues to help me with my growing bundle of joy!

1. What to Expect: This iPhone app and Android app  is my all-time favorite that I still use with my 7 month old. You can personalize the content so that it will coordinate with your due date. This iPhone pregnancy app will put your scared mommy mind to ease with its week-by-week update on the baby’s growth and development. New moms can read parenting news and health information, blogs from other moms, and receive deals and discounts all through this great pregnancy iPhone app. A new mom can also find active and community support. Support for newly pregnant or post birth moms is always wonderful. I love the fact that I could find support from other moms who might have gone through the same pregnancy or post-pregnancy issues I was going through at the time.

whattoexpect1 whattoexpect2whattoexpect3

2. Full Term-Labor Contraction Timer: An easy to use iPhone app is important at this point in the pregnancy! The hard to keep track of contractions are a thing of the past with this iPhone app. You can track your contractions with the single push a button from start to finish. The mom in labor or frantic father can now keep track of time, duration, frequency, and intensity throughout the entire time of labor. With ease, you can email your contraction history to yourself or the doctor.

Fulltermlabor1 Fulltermlabor2 Fulltermlabor3

3. Pregnancy Companion II Free: Featured in many parenting magazines, Pregnancy Companion II Free is an amazing iPhone app and Android app that can help answer any questions you might have throughout your pregnancy. This app was created by OB/GYN doctors for moms in all stages of pregnancy. When your pregnancy brain takes over,  Pregnancy Companion II Free helps keep track of doctor appointments and even suggests questions to ask your doctor. It helps new moms-to-be keep track of weight gain, hydration, kicks, and even contractions. Your baby first picture can now be saved in this iPhone app. Since we all love social media, Pregnancy Companion II Free will link to your social media to share your pregnancy updates with friends and family. You will never fear to take medication again because the app allows you to see what medications are safe for you and your little one while pregnant.

pregnancycompanion1 pregnancycompanion2 pregnancycompanion3
4. Pregnancy Care: A wonderful addition to any worried newly mom-to-be iPhone user. This pregnancy app will help keep complete detailed records of your pregnancy, explains each visit, and what to expect at each OB/GYN visit. This iPhone app will allow you to communicate better with your doctors since you will have an understanding of what is going on during each pregnancy visit. You will never have to worry about going out of town and having issues with your pregnancy again. Pregnancy Care allows iPhone users to find nearby OB/GYN offices, emergency care centers, and hospitals. Moms-to-be can share their information with these doctors because all of the information recorded in the app is saved and can be shared.

pregnancycare1 pregnancycare2 pregnancycare3


Don’t forget to check out the Carousel Designs app, created by Atlanta based Stone Soup Technology, for all your custom nursery bedding. This app allows expecting mothers to design their dream nursery right from their iOS device. The design can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest because every mother wants a second opinion on their custom design.

carouseldesigns1 carouseldesigns2 carouseldesigns3 carouseldesigns4

Top 3 Apps for College Freshmen

So who remembers when they started college and tried to manage all the college social life and their studies? I know I do! It was hard trying to keep a good balance on everything while not falling behind on my school work. Now there are some great apps that I think really help college freshmen manage their studies and not fall behind. Here are my top three apps for college freshmen:


1.       Study Buddy – This user- friendly iPhone app helps manage your study time and your efficiency with your study time. You set the amount of time you want to study and off to studying you go! You can even take a study break! It logs the amount of time you were not studying. At the end of your study session a graph is created to show your efficiency. The only downfall is if you exit the app, it sends you to a study break. The app does the same thing if you answer the phone.

 studybuddy2 studybuddy1

2.       Trello – I use this on a daily basis and love it! Trello makes group projects easy! This iPhone app allows you to create a project, assign tasks, attach files, set due dates, and manage several projects all at the same time. The best part about this app is it allows you to add people to the project and communicate with them easily. The iPhone app and web app counterpart both have terrific user experiences..



3.       School Scheduler – An easy to use Android app that allows students to have their school schedule in the palm of their hand. This app comes highly recommended by Droid Nerds and Android Tapp. It’s easy to use and allows you to add tasks, courses, professors, rooms, and even the contact information for your professor (You WILL need that. Trust me!). School Scheduler is user-friendly and everything can be synced to your Google Calendar.


Nikki works at Stone Soup Technology, LLC, an Atlanta-based software development company that develops iPhone app and Android apps, complex web applications, creates valuable big data mining software, and engineers artificial intelligence solutions for several Fortune 500 companies.