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Become a fan on our FB page!

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We just started a FB page. Become a fan!


Be a Stone Soup Bug Finder


All websites have bugs, quirks, and usually a few typos. We want to hire you to be an official Stone Soup Bug Finder (S.S.B.F.)! You get paid in two ways: 1) Fame – you will be recognized on our blog as an official S.S.B.F., and 2) $100,000 – at our discretion, we will give you $100,000 in cold hard cash or one 100 Grand candy bar (which is a lot more recession-proof than cash!).

Things not to miss…

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Here are some of the things to check out on Stone Soup v.3:

  • Interactive Quote Request Form – most likely you’ve never written a letter this way before! Test it out and see how we earned major cool points for this, while at the same time helping people more easily create a quote request. If you need us to build you a similar one, write your own letter!
  • Payment Form – It’s easier than ever to send us money. Try it out! Use it often. We really enjoy getting cash from you!
  • 100% Money Back offer – it’s our new referral program that can get you some cash quickly! (Click on the banner on one of our site pages to get the details!)
  • Turnkey websites – we handle everything for you so you can work or play or watch TV instead of having to lift a finger
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