Architecture, challenges and solutions:

  • The objective was to build a 3D model generation platform based on video (of a roof or building)/archive inputs. Users upload videos or frame zip archives, using the website or the iOS application. They enter some information about the video (ex: name, description, tags, camera information, marker information) and create a project. When the user is done entering the required information and creates a project the platform starts the video processing. Projects can be grouped into albums or shared with other users. After the processing is done the user will receive multiple 3D models and reports and he can rate and accept the project or reject it and provide the reason the project was rejected.
  • The platform features one server instance with a database.
  • An API was developed for the communication with the iOS application.
  • Payments and subscriptions are integrated with Braintree.
  • For the support system Stripe API was integrated
  • The 3D model viewing on the website is done by integrating Sketchfab.
  • A video or project can be imported from dropbox and a project can be exported to dropbox. This was done using the Dropbox API
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