• Music application
    This application is a music creation game in which the user places sounds onto a music stave from a provided selection. At any point in time the song can be played back, saved or edited.
  • Drawing application
    This application is a painting game that teaches users how to paint certain Angry Birds. The user is taken through a step by step drawing tutorial with overlays. This is an iOS 7 iPad application.
  • Stop motion animation application
    This application takes a series of photos of props or collages within a frame and plays them back in succession at various speeds selected by the user, to create a stop motion movie. The user can save the video and send the movie to the server to be downloaded at a later time. This is an iOS 7 iPad application.
  • Digital art application
    A collage game that allows the user to customize their own “Angry Bird”, and place it various settings (backdrops). Birds, setting elements, accessories and tools are customizable. Built for Microsoft Windows touch screen devices.
  • Web activity-wall application
    This is a simple one page web application that cycles through the latest visual art creations. Can be displayed in fullscreen mode inside a browser for showcasing creations from the apps live.
  • Server side web management interface
    A simple web interface used to review the data created by users, manage activity data, update language packages and change application settings.
  • Backend API for inter-application interactions
    Provides a communication interface between the database and all the applications. Developed in PHP.

Architecture, challenges and solutions:


Both the iOS apps and the Adobe Air touch TV app use the model-view-controller approach and are integrated into a client-server architecture with the website and the web API.


  • Developing a touch screen TV application was new for us, especially since touch screen TVs have sometimes different behaviours than regular computer touch screens – getting the right models and specifications was paramount.
  • One of the new challenges faced in this project was the need for regionalization. This was solved by having the apps download the required language pack from the server.
  • Another challenge that was successfully overcome was the very tight deadline this project ran under.
  • Other challenges were more app-specific:
    • drawing app: designing and implementing the tutorial drawing path (animating the way a certain figure is meant to be drawn)
    • music app: merging and processing all of the sound layers into a cohesive track
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